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Adobe Simplifies Lightroom, Unveils Lots Of Apps

Adobe today unveiled a new version of its Lightroom CC photo workflow software with a simpler interface more targeted to consumers and a full 1TB of online photo storage. At its annual MAX conference in Las Vegas, the company also announced five new mobile apps: a 3D...

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Adobe Lightroom CC Faces An Uphill Climb

For years I've been urging Adobe to rebuild its Lightroom image editing software on top of a more robust database than its years'-old problem child that randomly corrupts itself and doesn't speak network, among other things. From now on, I'll be careful what I wish...

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How To Add Motion To Slideshow Photos In Adobe Photoshop

This is the third installment of my “How to Make a Slideshow in Photoshop” series. If you’re interested, you can read the first two installments here and here . Both of those posts should get you caught up and you’ll be following along with...

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The New MacBook Air Is Boring And Too Expensive

The MacBook Air is an icon : A wedge-shaped computer fashioned from a block of aluminum into a device so thin it can fit in a paper envelope. But other laptop makers have riffed on Apple’s idea in the last ten years. Instead of aluminum (or in the case...

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How To Add SVG In WordPress (with 2 Simple Solutions)

Do you want to add SVG files to your WordPress site? By default, WordPress allows you to upload all popular image, audio, and video file formats, but SVG is not among them. In this article, we will show you how to easily add SVG in WordPress. Easily add SVG [...]Click...

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Drive File Stream Launching To All G Suite Customers

Update (September 26, 2017): Drive File Stream is now available to users in domains for which it is enabled. See the post below for more details. Launched to early adopters in March, Drive File Stream is a new desktop application that allows you to quickly access all...

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Retiring The Google Drive Desktop App

Q. Is it true that Google Drive is being discontinued? A. Google announced this month that it will end support for the Google Drive desktop apps for Windows and Mac computers on Dec. 11 and that the software will be shut down for good on March 12. But while [...]Click...

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Advanced Scripting

Familiarity with FileMaker's lengthy list of script steps is a great foundation, but putting together a workable script takes practice. Although some scripts are simple five-line affairs, sometimes a script requires a lot of forethought, planning, and organization....

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Designing For Android And IOS – What’s The Difference?

As a new UI designer , designing for mobile can be scary. With so many device variations and design specs to follow, it can be daunting to say the least! The two most popular platforms, iOS and Android, have particular UI patterns that must be adhered to. Stray too...

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